Sundus Kushad born in 1998, based in Tripoli, Libya, is a painter whose work focuses on classical romance, Kushad holds a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Tripoli university, She is working on documenting the Libyan history in an artistic, also unique way to stick in people’s minds by personify it into artworks. This comes due to the lack of documentation the Libyan history is facing especially by the young generation who is not familiar with it.
Kushad started her documentation journey with her graduation painting titled “Cyrene Myth”. The painting tells the story of Cyrene myth and the goddess Libya during the Greek period in Libyan history.

Kushad participated in several exhibitions in the national scale such as: Warning organized by WaraQ, “Nafs” group exhibition at Art House Tripoli, She contributed in WaraQ events and activities with the local community such as The improvised exhibition, and an art therapy session at the Cancer department at Tripoli hospital, Kushad was also comissioned to paint a collection of portraits of the founders of Tripoli university’s in celebration of Tripoli university’s 66 establishment anniversary.

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