TRIPOLI SPACE  استُودْيو اطْرابلِسْ ︎ 

WaraQ space aims to serve as a multidisciplinary community space for emerging artists seeking a safe platform to create and collaborate, urging the need of a creative dialogue deep within and out of the socio-political context of Libya.

PUBLIC SPACE  الفضَــــاء العَـــــــــامْ︎

We define our presence and activism in public spaces as a social and cultural nesessaty, it helps us facilitate an in depth conversations and understanding of the local communities, While allowing artists to explore and occupy terretories to progress and present their artistic production.

الفضَاء الافــتراضي︎

We believe that the virtual space is also a public space, Which lead us to launch our online exhibition platform, to navigate the role of digitalization in times of isolation, conflict and political divisions that urges our needs for a dialogue. The virtual space will be community-led and will present community curated exhibitions.  

Image taken by: Abdulmuhaiman Zarty