يرجي : كلمة آمازيغية تعني الداموس بالعربية
آو حوش الحفر باللهجة الليبية

WaraQ art foundation works closely with partner institutions and spaces in the African continent and internationally, to host Libyan artists in residencies in order to promote cultural and artistic exchange as well as increasing the career growth opportunities for emerging artists.
Artists are regularly selected after an open call announcement, Where they are encouraged to work on research-based works that responses to the residency previously selected themes, Alongside the temporary residencies, WaraQ is in the progress of launching a permanent residence (YERJI) for local artists who seek to work on socially engaged art production that contributes to increase the connections and understanding of social narratives and political structures between citizens of diverse ethnicities in the region of Nafusa mountains and other regions in Libya.

YERJI is a permanent residency located in Jadu village in Nafusa mountains Western of Libya,  Yerji is a Tamazight term refers to an ancient, natural and sustainable methods of building that the natives name as the mud houses. The Tamazight villages in Nafusa mountains have suffered for decades of oppression, ethnic erasing, cultural appropriation, and forced Arabization, Therefore this residency is designed to facilitate a dialogue between what seems a social tribal taboo and political dilemma.

The aim of the residency is to host artists working on diverse disciplines, researchers, and activists of both Arab and Tamazight African descent to explore potential possibilities and areas of co-production.


Previous residencies: A Collaboration between Le Cube Independednt room and WaraQ.

Artist Suhaib tantoush was selected for a one month residency followed with The green book exhibition, organised by Le Cube independent art room in Rabat Morocco, In collaboration with WaraQ art foundation and supported by AFAC, Goethe Institute in Rabat and the ministry of culture in Morocco.

Suhaib Tantoush is a carcaturire artist based between Tripoli and Manchester, He holds a bachelor degree in Law from the university of Tripoli, His work mainly focuses and responds to the current situation in Libya, he documents the double standarards of society and critisizes the social and political behaviors of the young generation of Libyans, Tantoush was femmed to continue the legacy and influence of the acclaimed Libyan artist Mohammed AL Zwawi.

"The residency is an experience every artist should go through, Only concentrating on producing art، Travelling, Exploring & Interacting really helps you polish your artistic identity, provides new perspectives and gives a very needed sense of refreshment especially when you're addressing a completely new audience through your art, an audience truly interested & curious about a relatively isolated country like Libya which has much to share to the world"
- Suhaib Tantoush