We define our presence and activism in public spaces as a social and cultural nesessaty, it helps us facilitate an in depth conversations and understanding of the local communities, While allowing artists to explore and occupy terretories to progress and present their artistic productions.

When we first thought of taking our projects into public spaces, we thought of it as an alternative module to continue our activities after WaraQ space was violently shut down in 2017, due to armed threats, We came later to value that public spaces can be our defense mechanisim, a form of resiliance, “If they can shut down a physical space, they can’t shut down public spaces, it belongs to the city, the citizens, the artists.”

In 2018, We organized ART OUT project which aims to promote the value of art in social fabric, through the use of art in public spaces,
The program takes place in Tripoli's old madina, and presents exhibitions, film screenings, discussions and talks, Installations and art creations all in the public realm