WaraQ, meaning Papers in Arabic, is a laboratory of artistic and cultural expermints, we produce, publish and curate productions of artists, researchers, and curious minds In/out/from North Africa and beyond.

KASHKOUL // Issue 01
Collective resistance

For the first time in what seems like ages, the entire world finds itself once more combating a universal pandemic, but not actually combating if we look at the helplessness worlds’ governments are exhibiting in the face of this crisis. And while the world is busy trying to find a solution for the covid 19 virus, we find ourselves as libyans stuck in an even further, multilayered crisis, facing what seems to be a bleak question: “how do we survive a pandemic under an avalanche of shelling and bombs?”  

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// KASHKOUL OF COLLECTIVE RESISTANCE  // كشكُـــــول المقاومَــــــة الجَماعِيــــّــــة 

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Tripoli and Khartoum
WaraQ and Locale

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WaraQ was selected by The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture – AFAC and Drosos foundation  as one of the eight cultural institutions, which will take part in the third cycle of  the Arts and Culture Entrepreneurship (ACE) program (2020-2021)
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Our work as part of Reshape Network: Through the metaphor of Home and the Suitcase, this prototype raises awareness about the position of the artist and the impact, tangible and intangible, of art in the social fabric.
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We believe that the virtual space is also a public space, which lead us to launch our online exhibition platform, to navigate the role of digitalization in times of isolation, massive quarantine, conflict and political divisions that urges our needs for a dialogue, exchange and presentation.
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While ten years passed since the revolution of 2011, “Shifting Sands” exhibition facilitates a dialogue about the current and past critical and inhuman events, conditions within the Libyan context, it proposes a space of refection on the role of Arts, Activism and Academia in relation to the political and social landscape(s) of Libya.
The exhibition is a result of three months research and workshops program bringing together five artists and researchers.

Participants: Khalifa Al-bishbash, Reem Hghegh, Zainab Abubakr, Mahmoud Al-Sharif, Moussa Mbarek.

Curators: Tewa Barnosa & Blqees Zuhair
Guest mentors: Moad Musbahi, Najlaa El-ageli and Ala younis.

Shifting Sands is a partnership with Fredrich Ebert Stiftung - Libya office

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