The late Hasan Dhaimish was born in 1955 in Benghazi, Libya. He fled his hometown as a 19-year-old and moved to the UK where he lived in exile for many years. Having completed a Master degree in Art, Design and Media at the University of Bradford, he worked as a graphic designer within various practices as well as teaching at his local art college.

First renowned for his satirical cartoons that lampooned Gaddafi and his cruel dictatorship, the ‘Alsature’ persona gained him wide international appeal, as he exposed the injustices and corruption of the regime and mocking those in power. After the February 2011 Revolution, he also took up the post of main graphics illustrator at Libya Ahrar TV.

Not as well known, Dhaimish’s other artwork was heavily influenced by Jazz music and Libyan history that dates back to before and after World War II. For example, he created a series of digitally manipulated images depicting scenes from Tripoli and Benghazi that were based on old black and white postcards. Showing the cities during that certain age, he explored what Libya was like during and post the Italian occupation as well as visually representing the ‘Golden Era’ of the 1950s and 60s.

Text by Najla Alageli
We thank Sherif Dheimish for collaborating with us on making the exhibition Alsatoor possible in the framework of ArtOut project.

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