Hadia Gana is an active artist based in Libya. Born in 1975, she gained a degree in ceramics from the University of Tripoli and a Masters from Cardiff University. Her installations are a way of questioning the real issues facing Libyan society and usually leaving behind a serious discourse for the public.

She tackles corruption, post revolutionary trauma, and the collective memory of Libya's social and cultural modern history. Her work has been exhibited widely inside and outside of Libya. Using clay in much of her projects, she draws a parallel between the spiritual facets of clay and human beings, asserting that “clay should be respected and treated as a human being”.

Gana’s work also has two functions: one is of social criticism and the other focuses on the aesthetics of the pieces. She also ensures audience interaction with her installations, so that their gradual perception of the work and the playful interaction that takes place offer them real meaning.

This pioneering artist has partaken in many exhibitions in Libya, France, Malta, the UK and the Netherlands. Her most recent art installations have been warmly received by the international arts community. Currently, she is also working on the opening of the ‘Ali Gana Museum’ in Tripoli, Libya with the mission of providing an arts, cultural and educational space open for all Libyans.

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