WaraQ وَرقْ

What we do:
WaraQ is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the contemporary Libyan art scene locally and in the diaspora, by encouraging socio-critical dialogue between artists and audiences. We aim to promote art in the social fabric, through a variety of cultural programs and artistic initiatives.

What we aim for:
  • Provide a space for the realization of collaborative and community oriented projects
  • Increase the visibility and outreach of Libyan art and artists 
  • Preserve and document Libyan cultural heritage under threat
  • Support artists and cultural producers career growth and exchange opportunities.

Our Values:
  • It’s fundamental for us to break cycles of discrimination, racism and hate speech.
  • We aim to navigate and create safe spaces where possibilities arise and questions concerning society to be answered.
  • We value working in collaborative methods of working with individuals and institutions.
  • We value and defend the freedom of artistic expression against all forms of oppression, censorship, and persecution.

Get In touch:

Wisay’at Bderi Street
Tripoli, Libya

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We were established in Tripoli, Libya since 2015, as a response to the several crises of political instability, civil war, isolation, forced migration and disappearance of resources and archives, that continues to damage our cultural ecosystem and threatens it’s existence, decreasing the possibilities for the art scene to grow.

In late 2016 we opened a community art space for the artists and the public in Tripoli, to gather, communicate, and encounter diverse practices of talking, acting and presenting, as a tool of reclaiming our own historical, contemporary and future narratives and facilitate it reaches to a larger audience.

Since then we maintained to organize and run projects and activities such as exhibitions, workshops, residencies, public talks, an artLab, and an educational initiative, both in Tripoli spaces and beyond that in the public realm, as well as launching a virtual space to connect Libyans inside-out.

Our primary focus is to support Libyan artists currently living under the conflict, artists in the diaspora and who were exiled due to the civil war and political censorship.
Starting from 2020, our activities expand to engage narratives from the African continent and the middle-east.