آرتْـــ آوتْـــــــــــ


 The city is our gallery
المدينة هي الجاليري

ART OUT project aims to promote the value of art in social fabric, through the use of art in public spaces, The activities takes place in Tripoli's old madina, and presents public exhibitions, film screenings, discussions and talks, Installations and art creations all in the public realm.
2018 Theme : The city is our gallery
Our goal is to encourage local artists to use public spaces for artistic and critical dialogue, through asking questions about the relationship between the citizens and their surroundings, and the relationship between arts and our daily life.
What is the duty of citizens towards the public space? Is the public space an alternative for art galleries and community art spaces? How can we create an art movement with the less resources in the middle of conflict and civil war? And how can we make the old city a platform for dialogue, for researching and exploring, for playing and experimenting, for exhibiting, debating and critisizing society’s values.

The project was announced as a response for shutting down waraq art foundation art space due to a security attack, the project serves as an alternative method to continue the creative dialogue and waraq's mission to support the local art scene, We see Art Out as a resilent way to allow ideas to unfold and questions to be freely asked without cencorship, exclusion, or social borders and limitations.